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7 Things You Must Know before Organising a Pajama Fundraiser

A pajama fundraiser is a convenient way to generate cash in an atmosphere that's unique. However, the process of tackling this kind of fundraising task isn't always easy because various things can impact how successfully teams can raise funds. There is help available on various fundraising sites if you need ideas, assistance, tips/tricks, examples or just support. Here is a couple: Fundraiser Insight, The Ty Lewis Campbell Foundation, etc.

In order to succeed while tackling a pajama fundraiser, I have jotted seven things must be considered during the organizational phase.

Pick Comfortable Pajamas

Because the material that's used to make pajamas can affect comfort levels during a fundraising project, a practical option that can provide proper air circulation should be selected if fundraising procedures will be implemented when the weather is hot or muggy. If a fundraiser will take place while the temperatures are low, everyone should pick pajamas that are cozy; however, the material shouldn't completely block air circulation, as inefficient ventilation can dramatically impact comfort.

Build a Reliable Team

When building a fundraising team, consider everyone's role because the process of raising funds will be very challenging if each individual doesn't tackle specific tasks in an effective manner. The most important role is the leader, and a proper leader should have the ability to adjust to changes that could occur during the fundraising process. Other individuals on the team should work with the leader on a regular basis so that different fundraising procedures can be implemented in a timely manner. 

Offer Rewards

Although a practical leader can influence the results of a pajama fundraising project, some individuals may begin to perform sluggishly at certain points throughout the fundraising process. In order to keep these individuals motivated, proper rewards should be considered. These rewards shouldn't be expensive, as pricey items can lead to financial problems while fundraising procedures are implemented. Instead, pick simple rewards that can provide reasonable benefits, such as coupons.

Invest in Proper Business Solutions

Shortly after everyone begins to raise a lot of funds, all of the cash must be properly calculated, and the best way to organize money that gathered during a fundraiser is by using a strategic business tool. Since there are many applications that are designed specifically for fundraising tasks, the process of picking a reliable option for a simple or lengthy fundraising project isn't a hassle.

Consider Strategic Procedures to Succeed

In some cases, the market conditions could impact how quickly fundraising crews can reach certain business goals. During these situations, a fundraiser team must have a strategy in order to raise money in neighborhoods and business districts where practical opportunities are available. Because social media is a valuable tool, it should be used throughout the early phase of a fundraising project if the market conditions aren't ideal.

Since analytic tools are available on many social media platforms, a typical leader can easily develop a fundraising strategy by observing the market conditions. Most analytic solutions compile valuable information about user habits, trends, and more, so a fundraising crew can quickly develop a blueprint that specifically targets individuals who enjoy fundraisers and pajamas.

Serve Snacks

Whenever everyone needs to develop new strategies in order to successfully raise funds in new locations, tasty snacks should be served. All of the snack options must be mentioned during the earliest phases of the development process. If delicious food items are selected that appeal to everyone, the team will enjoy spending time modifying various fundraising strategies. 

Keep Funds Properly Secured 

Depending on the fundraising tactics, procedures, and strategies, the money that gathered during the project may have to be secured in a placed that has a certain level of security. If multiple teams will tackle fundraising tasks, all of the funds should be taken to a bank, as keeping large amounts of money in a residential location is very risky. Following a causal fundraising project, less funds are typically raised, so these funds can be placed in a:

  • Safe
  • Vault
  • Lockable container

By implementing these procedures, everyone can have a blast during a pajama fundraising project. In order to drive traffic to the fundraising location, ensure that every individual picks stylish pajamas so that various photos can be posted on social media.