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What Art-Related Degrees Help You To Gain A Job When You Graduate?

Studying art at university can be endlessly rewarding and you will be able to gain some valuable skills as you go through your chosen course. Art is an extremely multi-faceted disciple and you can choose from a range of different subjects that all fall under the umbrella term of art.

Some people say that art is not going to get you a job in the "real world". However, this is a false assumption and you should ignore this kind of criticism. What art-related degrees help you to gain a well-paying job once you have graduated?

Art And Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most important design undergraduate courses that people can study whilst they are at university. This will allow you to work for lots of different organisations. You might get hired by an advertising company in order to design eye-catching billboards in the city centre where you live. These billboards can have a direct impact on the way that people behave or affect the consumer choices which they are making.

You will be able to let your imagination run wild when you are designing the billboards. You might be hired by a magazine to formulate the concept for their layout, or you might be asked to design their front covers on a regular basis.

Book covers are created by people who have previously studied graphic design, and you might be commissioned to create the covers for a famous author. Your graphic design degree will make a lot of opportunities available to you.

Interactive Media Design

When you are thinking about how your art skills can be applied to jobs in the future, then you should think about interactive media design. You will be able to design animated films and computer games. You might even carve out a career in making music videos for some of the most famous musicians on the planet.

You can also use your talents to create sound effects and musical soundtracks for games and films. The people who create these effects are known as Foleys. You may get to work on Hollywood blockbusters if your resume is strong enough. This can lead to a lot of job opportunities in the future. Your degrees will give you all the skills to be a highly-qualified interactive media designer.

Interior Design

Interior designers are always in high demand because people are always looking to improve the look of their homes. You might specialise in projects that give small houses an antique feel, or you might specialise in renovating the interior of mansions to make sure that they look completely modern.

You will be able to build up an impressive portfolio of work, and this can help you to attract higher-paying customers in the future. Your degree will give you all the tools that you need to be a top interior designer.

There are lots of worthwhile art-related degrees that you should consider studying.