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Benefits and features of employment personality test online

When you buy HR appraisals, get your online personality rating portal, where you can quickly and economically evaluate the personality of your staff and candidates. Your portal will give you the opportunity to identify the best form, develop your staff, create effective and cohesive teams and develop leaders. You can access multiple reports that reflect various aspects of your workplace.

As a manager at any level in a team, you are responsible for a CEO or a human resources specialist, you can quickly complete personality ratings (same day) and get immediate results for any number of your staff candidates or your work and get personal or departmental personal profiles. You will be able to:

Carry out candidates' employment personality test online ratings for a job and evaluate their natural appetite for leadership skills, genius, communication, and other soft skills. Identify a potential leader in an existing team or in a new team formed. Identify people with the greatest potential for professional growth or the greatest potential for taking on new responsibilities and identifying candidates for succession

Evaluate immediately an effect of adding, replacing, deleting or moving an individual from one team to another

Understanding how to establish effective collaboration and a productive work relationship within a team

Establish an effective working relationship with your team, effectively understand and resolve conflicts in the workplace and increase job satisfaction, help your staff leverage your natural gifts and succeed in the workplace

With its Personality rating portal, all of the above is at your disposal at any time you need and how many times you need it to help you effectively with strategic initiatives and on-going activities and problems within your team, department or organization.

Evaluation Engine Features

  • Personality assessment questionnaire
  • Multiple option
  • It usually takes 15 minutes to complete
  • Resume the evaluation if for some reason a respondent did not complete it
  • Responses are saved and available for analysis
  • The questionnaire and instructions for respondents are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Indonesian and other languages.

16 behavioural indices

The psychometric engine scores of 16 indexes indicative of the behavioural characteristics of the respondents

Based on the famous Jungian approach to personality, extended to meet the needs of the workplace

Administrative and productive features

  • Conduct assessments and collect responses online
  • Conduct assessments and collect responses to your office
  • Evaluation results are available momentarily once the respondent completes the questionnaire. You will receive a notification by email when the respondent completes an evaluation
  • You can access online results at any time, print, export to PDF, save locally on disk, and send an email
  • Optionally, you can allow your respondents to access their online results, immediately after evaluation or later. You can postpone sharing a report until you've reviewed it, or even a discussion or workshop at another time.
  • You can check what reports the managers have access to.
  • You can group your own respondents as required. For example, they can match the job offers that you want to complete, the teams you work with, the training facilities of a team or your clients.
  • You can create as many groups as you want