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Email marketing: Guide to measure success

Almost each and every organization, irrespective of its size, domain and geographical location has to make use of the latest technology, high speed internet and the modern gadgets like computers and smartphones for its business.

Significance of emails

These technological devices when adapted can help the organization to be in touch with its customers, vendors and others involved. Among variety of options available, email is considered to be a fabulous way to contact the customers and vendors and be contacted by them, easily and effortlessly. No organization can do away with emails, since it is a wonderful form of communication. Sending emails is easy and can be done in seconds with the click of the button.

Email marketing

Majority of the organizations have resorted to email marketing for which they have hired employees who are provided with proper and thorough training to handle emails. It is commonly noticed that emails are bombarded with various types of marketing propagandas sent by different types of companies, the world over. Bombarding is referred to spamming, something no email user will prefer or like to receive. They simply ignore such mails, thus making it a complete waste. It is here that the right type of people are to be selected who can carry out the email marketing efforts in the correct manner. It is only proper and timely email marketing that can win over the hearts of the consumers and compel them to buy the product or service from the company.

Executive evaluation

But it will be necessary to undertake email marketing assessment of the executives involved. This is to make sure that the email marketing campaign is on the right track and the executives are performing up to the optimum level and in the correct manner as desired. Only then can effective and positive results be derived. For assessing the email marketing performance of the executives, it is necessary to know how the evaluation is to be done. It is better to hire the professionals who will conduct the test in the correct manner. This test will clearly show if the executives are capable enough to carry out their tasks or lag somewhere. It is something essential and cannot be done away with, just to save money.

Setting the benchmark

The assessment email marketing results can help the executives to know their current performance and understand where they stand. At the same time, the management can also set very clear, realistic targets and expectations from the executives. It also helps them to improve their overall performance and bring better positive results for the organization.

There will also be various aspects that will included in the evaluation process like bounce rate, delivery rate, lists growth rate, CTR (click through rate), Email Forwarding / Sharing Rate, conversion rate, Revenue per sent email, email metrics, etc.

The management as well as the concerned executive is sure to benefit from the evaluation. The organization is also benefited largely. Hence, the right and timely action taken can prove to be beneficial for everyone concerned.