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Gazeboos make excellent classrooms

If you’re committed to taking your pupils' learning into the great outdoors, then you’re probably already aware that gazebos make really excellent classrooms. Robust yet open to all the sight, sounds and sensations of nature and with the possibility of a waterproof cover to extend your learning time spent outdoors, these beautiful structures benefit all learners. So why do gazebos give you the best opportunities for outdoor learning?

Makes Learning More Relevant

How? By taking pupils out of the indoor classroom and putting their learning in a real-world context. The more time you spend outside, the more you’ll appreciate the opportunities to make learning concepts really come alive.

Helps Nurture Creativity

Once you move outside the four walls of the formal classroom, you set imaginations free. You’ll be surprised at the creative problem-solving you’ll unleash when you enter the gazebo classroom.

Makes Learning Fun

When the weather’s fine it can be difficult to keep attention focused in the indoor classroom. Take your learners outside and set some fun outdoor activities, and you’ll find they focus and pay attention far better.

Boosts Attendance

By engaging your pupils in outdoor learning, you’ll motivate pupils who may struggle in more formal educational settings. And motivated and engaged learners are ones who want to come to school every day.

Allows for All Learning Styles

By moving your pupils outside the indoor classroom, you’re encouraging them to learn through play and experimentation, which is ideal for experiential learners who may not get as much out of the formal learning experience, and it benefits other learners by expanding the sights and sounds that they’re exposed to.

Creates Better Citizens

By contextualising learning, you’ll encourage your pupils to directly engage with their environment and become better citizens. Teaching about the environment and the local area gives children and young people the opportunity to really see the impact of their actions on the world around them.

Exposes Pupils to New Opportunities

For some learners, using an outdoor classroom such as the gazebos available from might be their first real opportunity to see nature up close. There’s no better way to provide young people with learning opportunities that they might not otherwise get.

Helps with Behavioural Problems
For some children, the norms of classroom learning can result in their becoming disengaged and unmotivated, and behavioural problems follow. Take children outside and you’ll find they become engaged, motivated and enthusiastic learners. You can even use the gazebo classroom as a way to encourage good behaviour, as no child will want to be the one who meant the whole class had to go back inside.

Great for Pupils' Health and Well-being

Probably the most important aspect of outdoor learning is that it encourages children to get out from behind their desks and their screens and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. With the unlimited resources of the natural world around you, just a little imagination can create opportunities for children to run, jump, play and de-stress while learning, which is great for their physical health and mental well-being.