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Some Important Information about Microsoft (MS) Excel Assessment Test

Microsoft (MS) Excel test is very helpful for the recruiting teams in order to effectively assess the candidates excel skills before hiring. The latest version of the Excel is Microsoft Excel 2016 and almost every company uses this latest version to get the better results in their work. Microsoft Excel skills assessment test (2016) is basically designed for checking the functional as well as application skills of the candidates. These particular skills are related to Excel, according to the Industry Standards.

The microsoft excel skills assessment (2016) is basically associated with the questions based on the following topics:

  • Managing Data
  • Tables and Charts
  • Excel Formatting
  • Working with Formulae and Functions.

Basically, the particular test is involved with the following concepts:

  • Editing-- Find/Replace, Insert Rows, Undo and more.
  • Functions—Autosum, Inserting, and more.
  • Formatting-- Columns, Borders, Paper Size and more.
  • Charts & Graphs-- Using Different Types, Creating, and more.
  • Tools-- Ranges, Protecting Cells, Zoom and more.

The Microsoft Excel assessment test is basically associated with the duration of 20 minutes that are involved with the latest version of MS Excel. The assessment test questions are developed and validated by SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). After completing the exam, the detailed analysis, as well as powerful reporting, helps the companies in order to take a better recruiting decision. The online Excel assessment test is featured with the set of MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), True or False, Descriptive, and Fill in the Blank. The particular assessment is useful for the following key profiles:

  • Automotive Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Graduates/Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering trainees
  • Junior Mechanical Engineers

The particular recruitment test allows the recruiters in order to test as well as identify the Excel experts through the assessment of the job readiness and working skills. So, the stress is given to the applied skill’s knowledge evaluation that is generally gained through a real work experience. The theoretical knowledge is not so much important in this regard. Microsoft Excel is the industry standard for managing the information like engineering, financial, and statistical data. The particular assessment test is being developed for assessing the Industrial requirements of the job-aspirants. It is very helpful in analyzing the candidate’s effectiveness as well as expertise in the Macros, Application of Formulas, and so on. So, the ms excel assessment test is very important in most of the interviews. The particular test is designed in order to assess whether the aspirants possess a good grip over the following areas or not:

  • Macros, Pivot, Data Manipulation
  • Formatting, Charts, Tables
  • Statistical operations
  • Knowledge of commonly used formulas
  • Forms

It is very important in order to select the eligible candidates, who are equipped with strong basic and fundamental knowledge. So, this assessment test is very helpful for the companies. As per the company’s standard, the test can be taken online or offline. If the recruiters want to select some desired candidates in the initial phase of the interview, then the test can be taken remotely, so that the candidates can appear for it from their comfort zones.