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How to manage work load in class 12th

12th standard is arguably the most important class that one has to go through during his academic career. Scoring good grades in 12th class is of utmost importance as class 12th grades are instrumental in choosing the college of your choice.

If you have to prepare well for you 12thboard exams you don’t have to worry at all as NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Electric Charges and Fields and others are thoroughly explained in this book. These books along with proper guidance from teachers will help you excel in your studies.

Besides that, you can try these tips to keep yourself composed and focused.

  1. Master the basics

Since Physics is rooted in various central theories you should strengthen your skills in Maths. Try to use flashcards and drawings to study. Since most of the physics studies are described with equations try to by heart basic equations. These are the easiest part of physics and once you have them in your brains your odds of scoring well will increase.

  1. Prior to lecture read the topic from home and then go to class

If you read the topics prior to when it is covered in class the concept becomes very easy to understand since the foundation has already been laid. Suppose you’re reading cbse class 12 Physics chapter 5 or others before the class then try to point out the points on which you need some assistance. Thus reading prior to classes is of immense help.

  1. Paying attention in class

If you pre-read the chapter then also it is essential to pay attention in class so that if you had any doubts or needed clarification on some concepts you can easily clear all your doubts with your teachers.  Even if you some lingering questions, don’t hesitate to ask them to your teachers after the class. This will also build a good impression of yours on the teacher that you were paying attention in her class.

  1. Practice well at home

This is a general problem with many students that they take physics as a very difficult subject while it is not. Just like maths, physics too needs practice and therefore one should practice well before the exams and should try to put their answers point wise and draw diagrams and derivations wherever necessary. Practice will help you to solve numerical in physics clearly. One more important thing that every student should have at the back of his mind that preparation for class 12th physics should be started from the very first day so that proper revision is done before the final board exam comes.

  1. Review class notes at home

Try to take out few moments daily to go through the notes daily as it will polish your knowledge in physics and help you score well in your exams. This activity will help in retaining knowledge that you gained in class. If you skip reviewing your notes it will become difficult for you to remember and will take a longer time to review if you’re doing it later.